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This picture below is one of my favorite quotes.  I have been a collector of quotes ever since the first time I saw that giving the right one to a student could lift them up and help them focus.  I think it has something to do with the fact that quotes can make a personal connection with a person from the past, who just might understand.

I have heard people criticize quote lovers as pseudo-intellectuals incapable of their own original thoughts.  Whatever.  I am a history teacher and we deal with the collective knowledge of the past.  In a pinch I like to offer it up.  It’s that simple

But one side effect of this hobby is that very often, more often than you would like to believe, the quotes are just wrong.  They are misquoted, paraphrased, taken out of context or attributed to the wrong people.  So a while back I started to check, really check, my favorites to see if they are accurate.  It can be an interesting process, but it can also be disheartening.


It turns out that this quote isn’t by Nietzsche at all but rather by Rudyard Kipling. The idea is still the same.  I guess I am just disappointed because Nietzsche seems like exactly the rebellious bad ass to say such a thing.   The fact that Kipling said it makes it no less powerful.  It just demonstrates the internet’s ability to amplify a mistake to levels almost in-correctable.  If you google search “Nietzsche Quote” this is one of the top returns.

Be careful.  Check your facts.


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March 30, 2012 · 2:51 am

Goodbye to Forward into History

Sometimes moving forward means leaving things behind.  In the past two years I have grown so much as a teacher and blogging has been a big part of that.  Writing has helped me to process my goals, my job and my life. I have every intention to continue. But, recently I have felt that I need a fresh start on a new blog, not so narrowly focused on teaching or technology or any one thing. I kept writing blog posts that I did not post because they were outside my current definition of what the blog should be.

So I will reinvent my blog here. It is me. It is what I am learning and where I will grow.  I hope that it will better represent me in my totality rather than any one component, be it father, husband, or teacher. Our growth is like the legs on a table.  If any one part grows too fast or independently of the others, the table becomes unstable.

Here is a link to my past blogs.

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Reflection on EdCampss

I am fresh back from #edcamppss in Philadelphia.  I am a bit tired, a lot proud, and really energized to make what I have learned tangible in my classroom.    It’s satisfying it was to meet people who are working hard to make their classrooms a better place.  It was surreal to see an event so long in the making become real and to get the other organizers again.

I wish that I had more time to talk to all of the other attendees.  That is the downside to organizing.  You miss many of the chances to stop, chat and know the people beyond a 140 character limit.  This is my one regret from the day.

I must offer my thanks to @nesticos @dontworryteach @becky_ellis_ @irishteach @gregkulowiec and @ron_peck for all they did to make the day happen.  They inspire me beyond what they know.

I want to thank so many of the others who attended, too many to list , for sharing their work and ideas so freely.  Together we make a difference.

I really want to thank @mseideman who was for me the #edcampss rock star.  Her clearly articulated and well thought out ideas were exactly why I go to #edcamp’s .  I will follow here more closely on twitter and I really think she should moderate an #sschat in the future.

I also want to thank @jharaz for sharing a story that makes the working on #sschat and sharing on twitter worthwhile.

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