Making iPad & Google Docs work with Paperport Notes

Google docs and the iPad are not always on speaking terms.  This has caused me no small amount of frustration because the two are both very powerful tools for learning.  If only they got along better.  

Recently a co-worker (Thank you very much Brian Harlan!) showed me Paperport Notes.  While there are many note taking aps, Paperport notes features Google Docs functionality as well as being compatible with many other Aps.

It accomplishes this by having a built in web browser.  A pdf file stored in google docs can be accessed through the browser and edited in Paperport notes and then reloaded to google docs and shared with the teacher. This makes the distributing and collecting work through Google Docs with the iPad.  A complete workflow process within Paperport Notes looks like this:

It IS possible to use this program to import materials from Google Docs and edit them in other note taking aps such as Notability or Penultimate.  The workflow is cumbersome but it is possible but probably not practical.  It looks like this:

While I’m excited that it can be done, in order to be effective in the classroom this will need to be much easier.

One thought on “Making iPad & Google Docs work with Paperport Notes

  1. So much has changed since I wrote this in July. Since I posted this most apps can interact with Dropbox and many can share to google docs. it is evidence of how fast technology moves and how closely you have to follow in rider to keep up. Most of the problems I faced this summer were solved with just a few updates to Schoology. I wonder where we will be in a few years?


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