Home Survival Skills and Self Care #dpvilschat 3-31-20

Here is a link to the archive of this weeks #dpvilschat archive. I hope you find something that helps you endure these very odd and stressful weeks. DPVILSchat - Curated tweets by ShawnMcCusker https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

#DPVILS Chat 3-17-20

I hosted the #DPVILS Chat yesterday. Topic #remotelearning DPVILSchat - Curated tweets by ShawnMcCusker https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

Learning by Doing: The Power of Immersive Learning Experiences.

It may be unclear how these three topics: PBL, Civic Education, and AR/VR technology, fit together. Here is the common thread: all three create immersive learning experiences that provide students with SITUATED COGNITION. This concept suggests that learning happens in context and that the most powerful learning happens when we do not separate the concept we are trying to teach, and the activity that we are using to teach it from context and culture. 

SWBT Podcast Episode 24 -Lauren Bercuson

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is currently a popular focus for schools because evidence suggests that effective SEL improves academic learning. How can we best teach students skills like self-awareness, self- management, empathy, perspective taking and cooperation. Today’s guest is someone who combines her love of reading and knowledge of books provide support to people trying to start conversations about challenging issues. Whether it’s diversity, mindfulness, diversity or dealing with trauma… she has a list for you. ( Though, she also has lists about unicorns and outer space!) Lauren Bercuson shares her work with “Happily Ever Elephants” and how to make children’s reading intentional.

IETC 2019

One of my favorite Education Conferences is the IETC-  The Illinois Education and Technology Conference. It is a warm, friendly, and connected event that makes me feel close to the attendees and other presenters.  I Love this conference because it reminds me what ISTE used to be like before it got so big and impersonal. … Continue reading IETC 2019

SWBT Episode 23: A Commitment to Equity on Education

Episode 23 of the "So We've Been Thinking..." Podcast is now available.  In this episode I speak with the inspiring Dr. Darnisa Amante  of DEEP, The Disruptive Equity Education Project. Click here to listen! An inspiring speaker, Dr. Amante talks about why equity works is so important and what that work entails.  Her passion and … Continue reading SWBT Episode 23: A Commitment to Equity on Education

Personalising Learning with Branching Google Forms

Personalized learning creates a variety of challenges for teachers.  Understanding the tools that can support the creation of a personalized path for each students is a key part of making it work.  The article focuses on an often overlooked feature in Google forms that can help teachers do just that. 

A Sputnik Moment for Civic Education: SWBT Episode 20

Across the country, there is a renewed focus on laws and practices to promote quality civic education, geared toward preparing our students with the skills they need to be active participants in a democracy who are able to access and insert themselves into the democratic decision making process. Shawn talks with Mary Ellen Daneels about … Continue reading A Sputnik Moment for Civic Education: SWBT Episode 20

The Modern Robes of Democracy

Civic education in the United States has been getting a lot of attention lately. Different then “Government” courses that focus on the structures of government, the goal of a Civics course is to prepare students to participate in democracy and to educate them about the rights and duties of citizenship. One of the driving forces … Continue reading The Modern Robes of Democracy

Dive Right in with VR Tech

My recent article about Building with Virtual Reality was just published in Digital Learning Magazine! It is a step by step guide to creating a Virtual Experience. Beyond the exciting ability to create I believe it is essential for students to understand Virtual reality so that they will be able to understand and evaluate the … Continue reading Dive Right in with VR Tech