The Transformation of History Instruction

The Transformation of History Instruction Technology has forever changed the way that History classes are taught. Once, not very long ago, history classes relied upon two key sources of information: the teacher and the textbook. Students read the textbook, and then the teachers shared their vast knowledge, usually through lecture. Research assignments were key, but … Continue reading The Transformation of History Instruction

A Call for More Blogging

When I first became active on Twitter I would have put the odds that I would ever Blog solidly at Zero.  I had no desire to put work out there for criticism, nor did I feel that it was my place to share what I was doing in the classroom as if it was a … Continue reading A Call for More Blogging

Using Real Time Data to Improve Student Learning

Anyone who is involved in education know that there is an increasing emphasis on accountability and data.  More and more evaluation documents require both teachers and schools to show definitively and tangibly that the students have met learning goals.Yet for the classroom teacher this isn’t anything new.  What teacher isn’t taking steps to find and … Continue reading Using Real Time Data to Improve Student Learning